What Can Be Fixed

Why the +? Because we do more than Dent Removal!

Auto Dent Removal Benton LA

Do you have dents, dings, or creases in your car, truck or motorcycle tank or fender? We serve Benton LA and the surrounding areas with expert PDR services. Call or text 318-470-8362!

The Dent Pro Plus of Benton, LA is your premier choice for expert Paintless Dent Repairs. PDR is an effective method for removing small dings and large dents from all makes and models of vehicles including motorcycles. It is also the preferred technique for repairing hail damage. So, what can PDR fix?


Small Dings to Large Dents




Auto Hail Damage


All Makes & Models including Motorcycles


The Paint Hasn't Been Broken or Cracked

How Do We Do It?

At The Dent Pro Plus, we safely restore vehicles to their original factory condition without compromising a vehicle’s original painted finish, or our customers’ wallet! Utilizing specialized tools, we push the metal back into its original shape from behind the dent. Depending on the location of the damage, the panel is accessed by removing trim pieces, through window openings or by removing inner panels.

  1. Assess the damage
  2. Gain entry to the dent
  3. Get a better look at the dent
  4. Slowly provide pressure to remove dent

As the preferred method for repairing dents, PDR allows for your vehicle to maintain its value because the original paint finish will remain untouched. A vehicle with its original paint retains a higher value than a repainted vehicle. Even if it is just a door or a fender, it is always preferable to maintain the original paint on a vehicle for as long as possible.

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